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Home Staging

Professional Real Estate Agents in the Woodlands understand that Home Staging is an important practice when you want to sell your home. Vacant homes are often thought to have a lower value than staged ones and thus receive low offers from potential buyers. There is no better way to stage your home than to hire Showhomes professionals in the Woodlands.

At Showhomes, we provide Home Staging solutions in the Woodlands customized to your unique home needs. Our staging options include decoration and design by our experts, who can provide either whole house or partial home staging. We are the number one Home Staging service provider not only in the Woodlands but also in the entire United States.

Where do people fail?

Home Staging is one of the main areas that homeowners fail in when they decide to sell their home. What a lot of them don't realize is that the home is no longer theirs; in fact, it is no longer a home but a commodity that needs to be sold.

Your home is competing with other homes in Woodlands, and if you want it to fetch the best price, you need Showhomes to stage it. Don't be the vast majority of home sellers who still think their residence as simply a home, and not a commodity, and thus take ages to sell and sell for less money.

What does Home Staging mean?

Many people know that they should declutter their homes, but Home Staging in the Woodlands involves more than just packing and tossing in extra stuff.
  • Staging is a production - At Showhomes, we consider staging to be a production, and we are the director. We stage your home to look like a model residence: comfortable, cozy, inviting, and colorful, with a customized look to make it beautiful and stand out from other homes in the Woodlands.
  • Staging is more than decorating - We believe that staging is all about choosing the ideal props, getting rid of furniture that makes the room to look smaller, and identifying the focal point in the room being staged.

Why stage?

The main reason why you need to hire a professional Home Staging company in the Woodlands is to ensure that your home is a competitor on the market. With 90% of home buyers finding or previewing their houses online, a good presentation is extremely important. Showhomes professionals ensure that your home gains the competitive edge over the rivals.

To give you this edge, we go from room to room, inside all kitchen cabinets, and closets to make your home more attractive to all potential buyers.

At Showhomes, we have over two decades of experience serving in the Woodlands and an effective network in all parts of the United States. We are the number one provider of Home Staging services in America. We have effectively helped realtors, investors, homeowners, builders, and banks showcase their listings for a higher price and a faster sale.  

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